Friday, April 08, 2022

"Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. Symbol of Truth"

Marvel Comics' "Captain America: Symbol of Truth" #1 and "Captain America: Sentinal of Liberty" will be available May 2022:

“...2022 will mark a new age of 'Captain America', with two ongoing titles. Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly along with 'Marvel Stormbreaker' artist Carmen Carnero will tell the adventures of 'Steve Rogers' in 'Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty' while writer Tochi Onyebuchi and 'Marvel Stormbreaker' artist R.B. Silva will see 'Sam Wilson' soar as 'Captain America' once again in 'Captain America: Symbol of Truth'. 

“The journeys of both shield bearers will begin in April's 'Captain America' #0 where they will team up after an explosive attack by 'Arnim Zola'." 

"We have basically only touched the surface of his interaction with the' Marvel Universe'," said "Liberty" writer Onyebuchi. 

"There are so many characters that have yet to interact with 'Sam' as 'Captain America', 

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