Friday, April 08, 2022

“Captain America” #1 Sells For Over $3 Million

Heritage Auctions has confirmed that a ‘slabbed’ in plastic, near-mint copy of “Captain America Comics” #1 (1941), written by Joe Simon and illustrated by Jack Kirby, that sold over 1 million copies in 1940, was recently auctioned for $3,120,000 :

“…a frail young man is attached to a machine, while a doctor,‘Professor Reinstein’ injects him with a liquid. The man starts to grow until he is above the normal human physique. The doctor also notes that his intelligence and strength have increased. The doctor christens him ‘Captain America’ and tells him his duty is to protect the American shores from spies and saboteurs.

“ Suddenly, an army official, secretly working for the ‘Axis’, pulls out a gun and shoots the doctor. A second shot then obliterates the serum that gave Captain America his powers, meaning no more super soldiers can be created. Cap beats the spy into submission, who falls into a large electrical device, shocking him to death. Now clad in a colorful red-white-and-blue uniform, Captain America embarks on his mission of stopping spy plots, making him world-famous as the press and public wonder "Who is Captain America?".

“ Later, at the U.S. Army's ‘Camp Lehigh’, camp mascot, 'Bucky Barnes’, shows his friend, ‘Private Steve Rogers’, a news report of Cap's latest victory, That night, Bucky walks in on Steve changing into Captain America's uniform. And the rest is history…”

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