Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Cancel Culture: "Raising Dion"

The live-action superhero TV series "Raising Dion", based on the comic book title by Dennis Liu, starring Ja'Siah Young as 'Dion Warren', Alisha Wainwright as 'Nicole Warren', Jason Ritter as 'Pat Rollins', Jazmyn Simon as 'Kat', Sammi Haney as 'Esperanza', Griffin Robert Faulkner as 'Brayden Mills', Ali Ahn as 'Suzanne Wu', Gavin Munn as 'Jonathan King', Rome Flynn as 'Tevin Wakefield', Aubriana Davis as 'Janelle Car'r, Tracey Bonner as 'Simone Carr' and Josh Ventura as 'David Marsh', has been canceled at Netflix after two seasons: 

"...'Nicole' continues to raise her son 'Dion' who manifests more mysterious abilities inherited from his father. Now two years after defeating the 'Crooked Man', Dion refines his powers with the support of his mom and 'Tevin', a 'Biona' trainer. 

"After befriending new student 'Brayden', a series of alarming events unfold, with danger still looming. 

"Navigating twists, turns and surprise visitors, Dion and Nicole must prevail to protect the city of Atlanta..." 

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