Sunday, April 10, 2022

Blanca Suarez: "Etam Swim"

Take a look at new images of Spanish actress Blanca Suarez ("Jaguar") posing in the "Rivera" collection, for the Spring/Summer 2022
"Etam Swim" campaign shot on location in Ibiza, photographed by Valero Rioja:

Suarez is best known for TV series "The Boarding School" (2007–10), "The Boat" (2011–13), plus Netflix series' "Cable Girls (2017–2020) and "Jaguar" (2021-). 

" 'Jaguar', set in Francoist Spain,'Isabel Garrido' (Suarez) is a survivor from Mauthausen...

"...who had been forced to work as a child  house maid for 'Otto Bachmann', her father's killer.

"Seeking vengeance in the 1960's, she teams up with a group of wart-time criminal hunters..."

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