Saturday, April 09, 2022

“Battle: Freestyle”

"Battle: Freestyle" is the new Norwegian produced feature, directed by Ingvild Søderlind, starring Lisa Teige, Fabian Svegaard Tapia and Ellen Dorrit Petersen, now streaming on Netflix: 

 "...'Amalie' is elated when she and 'Mikael' see their dance crew selected to compete in Paris…

“…,but she becomes distracted when she reunites with her estranged mother..."

 Cast also includes Bao Andre Nguyen as 'Moa', Georgia May Anta as 'Alex', Morad Aziman as 'Josef', Keiona as 'Fabienne', Léa Djyl as Maxine Lea Lavabre as 'Ella', Adeline Tayoro as 'MC', Ola G. Furuseth as 'Hans Christian' and Christine Grace Szarko as 'Gabrielle'. 

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