Thursday, April 21, 2022

Amber Heard Has “Glamour”

Sneak Peek images of "Aquaman" actress Amber Heard in "Glamour" (US) magazine, photographed by Jason Kibbler:

"My name is 'Mera'," said Heard about her fishy role in director James Wan's "Aquaman". "You have to maintain a vigorous imagination while being suspended 25 feet in the air, acting with very little around you that resembles the world that will be depicted when it comes out...

"I would audition for everything, from 'Hot Girl Number 3' at 'Party' to 'Daughter Leaving for College'. I would go around, a lot of times by city bus. I'd sit toward the back and change underneath my jacket.

"I've done the best I could without the luxury of being picky. There's an implicit apology expected of me for my participation in feminine beauty, but I can't play into this false narrative that my sexuality is mutually exclusive from my power. My physical appearance, no matter how it affects others, is solely the responsibility of people around me. You know, male characters in movies included. It is their responsibility, not a woman’s. My sexuality, my femininity, in whatever way I want to express it, is mine and my own.

"We get paid less as women, and we end up spending more time on set, because of hair and makeup demands. I'm trying to elucidate a bigger point, which is that we're working in an inherently flawed system."

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