Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“Morbius”- Enter Adria Arjona

Actress Adria Arjona aka 'Martine Bancroft' in director Daniel Espinosa's upcoming Sony/Marvel feature "Morbius", poses for photographers Hunter & Gatti in support of the Giorgio Armani fragrance “My Way”, filmed in Tokyo, Thailand and India:

Columbia Pictures "Morbius", starring Jared Leto ("Suicide Squad") and Matt Smith ("Doctor Who"), co-stars Arjona ("Narcos") as 'Martine Bancroft'. 

 "...when arrogant scientist 'Michael Morbius' experiments to cure himself of a rare blood disease...

"'s rich socialite 'Martine Bancroft' who helps him keep a connection to his humanity, after he becomes a vampire.

"She stays by his side while Michael tries to discover a cure for his monstrous condition.

"However, tragedy strikes when circumstances lead to Martine herself being transformed into a vampire at Michael's hand.

"Now she has a strong aversion to sunlight, an accelerated healing factor and the ability of 'transvection', or the ability to navigate wind currents and glide great distances through the air..."

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