Friday, March 18, 2022

Marvel’s “Hellfire Gala”

Marvel Comics "Hellfire Gala" returns for a second year with variant covers showcasing members of the "X-Men" and "Avengers" wearing ‘stylish’ outfits for the party event, leading up to a 72-page one-shot, available June 2022 by Gerry Duggan, Russell Dauterman, Matteo Lolli, C.F. Villa and Kris Anka: 


Characters including 'Captain America', 'Jean Grey', 'Emma Frost', 'Scarlet Witch' and a whole lot more will appear across various Marvel titles each week of June 2022, illustrated by Russel Dauterman, Carmen Carnero, Iban Coello, Chris Bachalo, Jen Bartel, Mateus Manhanini, Mahmud Asrar, Miguel Mercado, Meghan Hetrick, InHyuk Lee and Eric D'Urso. 

 "I'm thrilled to be back designing costumes for the mutants!" said Dauterman. 

"And this year we're expanding to include more of the ‘Marvel Universe’ — I jumped at the chance to design one of my favorite characters, the Scarlet Witch! 

“I'm lucky to be in such stellar company, surrounded by the other artists working on this project. 

“I've been excited every time new art shows up in my inbox, and can't wait for everyone to see!" 

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