Friday, March 11, 2022

"Alice Ever After"

The new Boom! Studios' title, "Alice Ever After" #1, available April 6, 2022, is written by Sarah Gailey and illustrated by Pius Bak, with covers by Dan Panosian, Jenny Frison and J. Scott Campbell:

"...'Alice' first visited 'Wonderland' as a child. Now grown up, it's become her only escape from a cold, harsh world that feels even less real -- a distant family, a tormented lover and a father with secrets he'll do anything to protect. But in order to return to her fantasy, Alice will need something much stronger than mushrooms. Cursed with a growing addiction, Alice is forced into the twisted underbelly of London and pulled ever further from reality. Is her obsession with Wonderland truly a respite, or a one-way ticket to the dreaded 'Asylum'? Witness Wonderland brought to life as never before, set against a vibrant but menacing 'Victorian London', as figures from Alice's past adventures re-emerge in surprising new ways..."

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