Friday, February 11, 2022

“Power Rangers” -‘Eltarian War’

Boom! Studios "Power Rangers" #16, available February 16, 2022, is written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Francesco Mortarino, with covers by Gerald Parel, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Walter Baiamonte, Goni Montes and Jo Mi-Gyeong: 

" this explosive final chapter of the 'Eltarian War', 'The Omega Rangers' travel back to 'Safehaven' to keep an eye on the rest of the galaxy, while 'Eternity Point' falls under the supervision of a new assistant. As the 'Blue Emissary' departs and the remains of three 'Emissaries' are laid to rest, the universe seems relatively safe for now, but how long can that peace last before it's shattered?..."

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