Wednesday, February 16, 2022

“Our Flag Means Death”

“Our Flag Means Death” is the new ‘pirate’ comedy TV series created by David Jenkins, streaming March 3, 2022 on HBO Max:

“…. the series is semi-based on the story of ‘Stede Bonnet’, an aristocrat who abandons his life to become a pirate…. 

 Cast includes Rhys Darby as ‘Stede Bonnet’, Taika Waititi as ‘Blackbeard’, Nathan Foad as ‘Lucius’, Samson Kayo as ‘Oluwande’, Rory Kinnear as ‘Captain Nigel Badminton’ and ‘Chauncey Badminton’, Con O'Neill as ‘Izzy’, Vico Ortiz as ‘Bonifacia’,. Ewen Bremner as ‘Buttons’, David Fane as ‘Fang’, Joel Fry as ‘Frenchie’, Guz Khan as ‘Ivan’, and Matthew Maher as ‘Black Pete’. 

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