Saturday, January 01, 2022

"SEAL Team" in 2022

New episodes of "SEAL Team" return January 2, 2022 on Paramount+:

" the last episode 'Head On', 'Bravo' was given an 'Omega' op, volunteer-only that could last between one and six months in South America, operating outside traditional structures and not technically working for the 'DOD' or recognized by the 'CIA'. They were given complete autonomy to execute the missions, with no oversight, no backup, no footprint and no protection.  

 "In South America, they were ordered to dismantle Venezuela's nuclear weapons program. But from the beginning, 'Clay' (Max Thieriot), who was only there to keep an eye on 'Jason' (David Boreanaz) with his recent memory problems, pushed back against his team leader. When the op doesn't go as planned, the team improvised and things got out of hand..."

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