Saturday, January 08, 2022

"Monarch" on Fox

"Monarch" is the new live-action TV series following country music family the 'Romans', starring Trace Adkins as 'Albie Roman', Beth Ditto as 'Gigi Taylor-Roman', Anna Friel as 'Nicolette Roman', Inigo Dominic Pascual as 'Ace Grayson', Susan Sarandon as 'Dottie Cantrell Roman' and Joshua Sasse as 'Luke Roman',  airing January 30, 2022 on Fox:

"...'Monarch' is a multigenerational musical drama about the 'Romans'. Family is headed by 'Dottie Roman' and 'Albie Roman' who have created a country music dynasty together. However, the origins of the dynasty isn't what it seems to be. Roman's daughter 'Nicky Roman' steps in and does all she can to protect the dynasty's reign in country music while ensuring her own stardom..." 

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