Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"To Catch A Thief"

Actress Gal Gadot ("Wonder Woman") will co-star in a remake of director Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 'romantic mystery' "To Catch a Thief", based on the 1952 novel by David Dodge, following a retired jewel thief who tries to save his reputation by catching an impostor;

"...aging, former 'cat burglar' 'Le Chat (The Cat) Robie' is suspected by the police in a string of burglaries on the 'French Riviera'. When they come to his hilltop villa to question him, he slips their grasp and heads to a restaurant owned by his friend 'Bertani'. 

"The restaurant's staff are members of Robie's old gang, who have been paroled for their work in the 'French Resistance' during 'World War II'. But they are angry at Robie because they are all under suspicion as long as a new 'Cat' burglar is active. Robie realizes he can prove his innocence by catching the new Cat in the act. 

"He enlists the aid of insurance man, 'H. H. Hughson', who reluctantly discloses a list of the most expensive jewelry owners currently on the Riviera. Tourists 'Jessie Stevens', a wealthy 'nouveau riche' widow, and her daughter 'Frances', top the list. Robie strikes up a friendship with them, with Frances kissing Robie at the end of the night before retiring to her room. 

"The next day Frances reveals she knows Robie's real identity. He initially denies it, but concedes it that evening when she has invited him to her room to watch a fireworks display. They kiss passionately. 

"The next morning, Jessie discovers her jewels are gone. Frances accuses Robie of using her as a distraction so he could steal her mother's jewelry. The police are called, but by the time they reach Jessie's room, Robie has disappeared..." 

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