Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Movies and Casinos

Those who love casino movies are usually awed by the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas or other international casinos showcase. Indeed, movies have had an influencing effect on shaping public opinion as well. Not only are the thrills and dangers of gambling shown in most movies, so are the luxuries associated with such entertainment. As a result, gambling, even online, is an activity that one indulges in when they have extra money. Though brick and mortar casinos are more like social outings, online casinos help gamblers enjoy games of different themes. They can play games of strategy or play against others in a virtual live casino setting. Even if players gambling online might be playing in their pajamas, it definitely gets them an engaging and thrilling experience.

 Examples of Casino Movies 

The inside operations of a casino was showcased well in Casino, a film that was released in 1995. Of course, a more popular one is The Hangover. This movie was about the escapades of three friends who woke up oblivious of their rampant on the casino floor the following morning. The range of casino movies is great, of theme, storyline, and genre. For instance, Gerry and Curtis are two characters who portray profiles of poker players in the movie Mississippi Grind. No greater thrill comes from the heists that the heroes conduct in the movie Oceans 11. It showcases ways casino owners have often been fooled or game software manipulated. 

Movies on Online Casinos 

Of course, if you are wondering what kind of movies would feature online Casino Canada real money there are already a few that have done so. For instance: ● 

Runner Runner 

This movie features Justin Timberlake as Richie Furst. He is a student undergoing graduation who tries to win money by playing poker online. This is his attempt to raise funds to cover his tuition fees. As he plays he realizes that he has been cheated of his money by a gambling website. As a result, he decides to confront the website owner. This movie is certainly based on the early stages of the online casino industry. It was a time when online gambling domains did not have legitimate licenses. They were spurious ventures that promised players they just win but often disappeared with their money. Besides showcasing such a scenario, the movie also highlights the glamour associated with brick and mortar casinos. 

● Uncut Gems 

This movie was released recently, in 2019. It explores the topic of gambling addiction. As we see all online casinos promoting responsible gambling practices, the perils of uncontrolled gambling is what this movie is all about. Adam Sandler, known for his comedy movies, takes on the role of someone addicted to gambling. Whether online or offline, the dangers of this addiction are explored in this movie. Even though the above movies are entertaining to watch, they also carry important messages. 

How Movies Shape Ideas about Gambling? 

Old school movies on casinos created awareness of what these places were. They could help multiply one’s fortunes, whether one was playing slots or table games. They created the impression that casinos were the hubs of entertainment mainly for the rich and famous, not much for the middle class. Las Vegas started off as the mecca of casino destinations. Most movies and even TV shows brought in awareness of what is involved in visiting this city. From flight tickets to luxurious hotels and resorts, there were swanky limos, drinks, escorts, and other indulgences. It portrayed the land for the perfect vacation. Many movies showcased struggling individuals who strove to make fortunes at slots or card tables. They either had magical deduction skills or were under the influence of drugs. 

Since casino stories started selling, soon there were elaborate storylines around casinos. These could be romantic escapades that led to love stories; there were stories of the thrill of how bandits or con men made away with millions by fooling casino owners, as the industry goes digital, so should the movies. Since the new millennium, online portals have been appealing to the young and the old. The ease of simply logging in and playing your favorite games, at your desk or on your mobile device, has brought in the thrill of gambling close to home. At the same time, people can enjoy gambling within modest budgets and have no other expenses to worry about. There are more games to play on casino websites, promos, and loyalty points to gain by logging in and wagering every day or week. 

Varied Themes at Online Casinos 

To engage young adults these websites have many unique themes. They also accept cryptocurrencies and many are promoting VR-based slot games and live dealer games. Hollywood as well as other regional movie industries are sure to take notice of this growing industry. The industry is currently valued at $46 billion and it is estimated to reach the value of $94 billion by the year 2024. 

Though there is yet to be a blockbuster made on online casinos, however, it is simply a matter of time. Scriptwriters of movies are sure to don hats of creativity and explore the different aspects  of online gambling in a movie setup.

Perfect Plots for Online Casino Movies 

How would a movie about an online casino play out? Indeed, there can be endless ways to create quirky movies around this theme. For instance, players sit in their pajamas and participate in poker tournaments. Many of them don't wear avatar hats. This can be an interesting base for a movie storyline. The way many avatars present quirky images of themselves whereas their real lives could be anything but ordinary and mundane. The world of slots is also an interesting one. They are based on many popular themes that include movies, songs, bands, and famous personalities. They include bonus rounds, interesting features. Playing them at game arcades is often akin to embarking on virtual adventures. Indeed, Jumanji comes close to portraying players getting addicted to a game and getting to live it as virtual gaming characters.