Thursday, January 06, 2022

DC "League of Super-Pets"

DC "League of Super Pets" is the new CG-animated feature based on DC Comics' family of crime-fighting animals, directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, starring Dwayne Johnson as the voice of 'Krypto the Superdog' and Kevin Hart as 'Ace the Bat-Hound', with Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna and Keanu Reeves, targeting a May 20, 2022 theatrical release :

The 'Super Pets', debuted with 'Krypto' the superdog in DC's "Adventure" #210 (1955). 

'The Legion of Super-Pets' debuted in "Adventure Comics" #293 (1962).

The original Legion roster included Krypto, 'Comet' the superhorse, 'Streaky' the supercat, 'Beppo' the supermonkey and 'shape-shifter' 'Proty II'.

Significant appearances include "Adventure" #322 (July 1964) when 'Proty II' is initiated into the team and "Adventure" #343 (April 1966), when the pets help the 'Legion of Super-Heroes' battle the 'Luck Lords'.

"Adventure" #364 (January 1968) was titled, "The Revolt of the Super-Pets!" 

The team rarely appeared after the 'Silver Age' except for Krypto who became a supporting character in several "Superman" titles. 

Other versions of the 'Super-Pets' appeared in "DC Super Friends" #14

...and on the cover of Marvel Comics' "Not Brand Echh" #7.

 DC Super Friends included 'Ace the Bat-Hound'.

Also in Super Friends was the 'Aquaman' octopus 'Topo' and 'Jumpa' the 'Wonder Woman' kangaroo. 

The group was led by 'Ch'p', a squirrel-like 'Green Lantern', that predated Marvel's 'Rocket Raccoon'.

Other DC animals include 'Misty the Manta', 'Como the Chimp', 'Ice Bear', 'Starlene the Raccoon', 'Chameleon Collie', 'Batcow', 'Rebound the Koala', 'Ace Bunny', 'Sneaky the Chameleon'...

...'Prophetic Pup', 'Thundermutt', 'Kolli', 'Paw Pooch', 'Gratch the Mantis', 'Jumpa the Kanga', 'Supersquirrel', 'Plastic Frog', 'Jimmy the Rat', 'Charlie the Parrot', 'Blue the Heron', 'Giggles the Hyena'...

...'Daring Dog', 'Action Cat', 'Scoop the Chihuahua', 'Freckles the Dalmatian', 'Haley the Monkey', 'Cranky the Croc', 'Superturtle', 'Danger Duck', 'Vlad the Vampire Bat', 'Darling Dog', 'Yankee Poodle'...

...'Rozz the Siamese Cat', 'Mammoth Mutt', 'Misty the Cat', 'Artie the Puffin', 'Stretch-O-Mutt', 'Merle the Opossum', 'Mechanikat the Cyborg Kitty', 'Smokey the Dalmatian'...

...'Griff the Vulture', 'Webbik the Tarantula', 'Crackers the Hyena', 'Power Puss', 'Storm the Seahorse', 'Loafers the Hound Dog'...
... 'Brainicat', 'Gumshoe the Aardvark', 'Pig Iron', 'Tusky Husky', 'Hot Dog', 'Whizzy the Supercat' and 'Drooly the Old English Sheepdog'. 

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