Saturday, January 15, 2022

$3.6 Million For "Spider-Man" Original Art

According to Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, a page of original black and white, pen and ink interior art from "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" #8 (1984) by illustrator Mike Zeck, introducing the "Spider-Man" black suit 'symbiote', a precursor to Marvel Comics 'Venom', has sold for $3.6 million:

"Today's results prove what we’ve long been saying", said Joe Mannarino, Heritage’s director of comics/comic art in New York. "Comic book art is as beloved and valuable as anything put on canvas..."

Collectible original comic art in recent years also include works by illustrators Robert Crumb ("Zap Comix")...

...Fred Rhoads ("Sad Sack")...  

...Jack Kirby ("Fantastic Four")...

...and Paul Fung Jr. ("Blondie").

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