Saturday, November 20, 2021

"Joe Bob Ruins Christmas" on Shudder

'The Last Drive-In" broadcast special "Joe Bob Ruins Christmas", with 'Darcy the Mail Girl' streams December 17, 2021 on ShudderTV:

"...'The Last Drive-in' with Joe Bob Briggs is a variety series created by Joe Bob Briggs, Austin Jennings and Matt Manjourides for ShudderTV. The series has three seasons, with ten total specials, and a whole lot more on the way. The show follows Briggs as he hosts two or more films alongside 'Darcy the Mail Girl' (Diana Prince), with cameos by production designer 'Yuki Nakamura', music supervisor 'John Brennan', and the occasional guest(s). 

"Hosted segments include fun facts, rants, singing, comedy, interviews, awards and performances..."

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