Monday, November 29, 2021

"X-Men '97" Cartoon Series

After 76 episodes, the animated Fox Kids Network TV series "X-Men: The Animated Series" ended with "Graduation Day" in 1997. Now the creative team behind the original series, including key cast and crew will pick up where the original series left off, as the new animated series "X-Men -97" will stream in 2023 on Disney+:

" 'Graduation Day', at a 'Mutant/Human Relations Summit', 'Henry Peter Gyrich' attacks 'Professor Xavier' with a psychic energy disrupter and subsequently gets arrested. The 'X-Men' and 'Moira MacTaggert' try to save Xavier, but all seems lost. They would need help to contact the 'Shi'ar', who would be able to provide a cure, but they lack the power to do so. Desperately they search out 'Magneto', who can help Xavier send a psychic message to the Shi'ar in his weakened state.

"But Magneto is preparing a mutant uprising on the island of 'Genosha' to overthrow humans once and for all. The X-Men arrive just in time to speak to him before he gives the word to crowds of mutants awaiting his leadership. They tell him of Xavier's critical state.

"He is conflicted between either saving the life of his worst enemy, and perhaps his only friend, or leading the mutants to victory. In the end he caves in and returns with the X-Men to use his magnetic powers to help Xavier send his psychic message.

"It is successful, and Xavier awakens just in time to thank Magneto and tell each of his X-Men individually how proud he is of all of them before collapsing.

"'Lilandra' finally arrives with a cure, but it is too late. Xavier must leave with her...

"...and go with her to the 'Shi'ar Empire' unable to return. 

"xavier bids farewell to his X-Men. 

"The last scene ends with all of the 'X-Men', including Magneto, standing outside the mansion saying goodbye to Professor X...

" they now face a world with an uncertain future..."

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