Thursday, October 28, 2021

"The Real Charlie Chaplin" on Showtime

"The Real Charlie Chaplin" is a new feature-length doc, directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney, with narration by Pearl Mackie, premiering December 11, 2021 on Showtime:

"...the new film is a kaleidoscopic portrait of a man who became an immortal legend, whose life was as extraordinary as his art, blending dramatic reconstructions with never-before-heard recordings...

"...intimate home movies, behind-the-scenes material, and newly restored classic films to reveal a side of the worldwide icon that - until now - has been shrouded in mystery. 

"Tracing back a century ago - when Chaplin first stepped onto the screen - the film recounts his meteoric rise from the slums of Victorian London to the heights of Hollywood superstardom..."

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