Sunday, October 10, 2021

Marvel Online at CasinoBee

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been around since 2007,  delivering more than twenty comic book movie blockbusters. In the casino world, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has inspired the Marvel Slots Universe. It isn't as big, but Marvel Fans appreciate there is no shortage of slot titles they can play. But which are the best? To answer that question, we turn to the Casinobee list of the best five Marvel online slot games:

Iron Man 

Like the movie franchise that inspired it, the Iron Man slot has received two sequels after its original release in 2009. That means that Playtech hardly wasted any time shipping the movie into the slots universe as the first Iron Man movie was released just the previous year. That doesn’t mean they did a hasty job, as they conjured up a solid title with 25 paylines, a missile attack bonus game, and free spins with multipliers to show. As for the sequels, the second installment steals the show with the highest RTP of the three, clocking in at 95.98%. 

The Incredible Hulk  

The Incredible Hulk is the second entry to MCU’s series of releases. It may not be one of the best movies they created but hey, it was among the first they ever made. The same could be said about the slot it inspired, seeing that Playtech played it safe by topping up 25 paylines with free games, up to x4 multiplier, and the expanding hulk features. Not much, but it is sure enough for an MCU fan fascinated by Bruce Banner’s story as he tries to control the big green guy he turns to. 

Captain America 

Captain America is another superhero lead the MCU has a lot of faith in, receiving ample screen time in The First Avenger, Civil War and The Winter Soldier. That has not been replicated in the slots universe, but you won’t go empty-handed if you are looking for some Captain America on the reels courtesy of Playtech’s Captain America.

The Avengers 

Probably the best MCU movie of all time, The Avengers slot is equally impressive, seeing players witness a battle of The Avengers on 20 paylines. It’s time to assemble!


Something about Elektra makes her stand out from the rest. Maybe it's simply just the fact that she is a hand-trained warrior who doesn’t turn down money for an assassin job. She brings her wild nature into the world of slots, with her symbol acting wild in the 20-payline slot game.

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