Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Comics and Digital Promotions

How are comics and cartoon characters used for digital promotional purposes? Who doesn't love a bright and colorful comic? Children and adults alike love eye-catching illustrations. Comics serve to ignite your imagination and portray a better image of a scene and one of the easiest methods to tell a story. However, comics don't appeal to just children. Many adults also cannot resist the urge:

Many digital agencies like Revpanda use comics for digital promotion and marketing, enhancing social media posts and making landing pages on websites pop. Services and products catch the attention of potential clients and are more likely to convert into sales if a friendly mascot greets the visitor in colorful pictures. Here then are some of the best ways to use comics for digital marketing purposes. 


Comics, unfortunately, aren't as widely used for marketing your brand as they should be. However, you cannot underestimate their power. You can create visuals that tell the public about your business. To do this, you have to employ a narrative technique that the audience can easily understand. 

You might ask, "How is this helpful?" Well, do you remember what it felt like to go through comic strips and read your favorite storylines? That is the same feeling your audience gets when they go through a comic advertisement. 

Following a basic storytelling structure of problem -> solution -> conclusion, the customer can easily see how your product or service will help them identify with the product's audience. And that, in turn, will convert into a successful lead. 

Passing the right message 

Marketing with comics is not just about using bright visuals. You also have to stick to your message. Irrespective of the story narration, ensure that it passes the correct information to your audience. 

However, a comic advertisement is a failure when it does otherwise. Once your reader cannot understand what you are trying to say in the context, the marketing is useless. With that, you can employ the services of experienced content creators who can project an accurate storyline. 

Promotions & Special Offers  

If you want to easily catch your audience's attention, use comics to offer bonuses and promotions. With this, your users will want to know more and the business gets more attention. Of course, promotions can also use a short narrative to make a message clearer. 

Also, do not forget to put your information in these promotional strips. This will make it easier for your audience to reach you. 

Use The Right Tools 

The type of comic you choose for marketing is equally as important as the quality of your advertisement. There are simple line drawings of images that require less technique to achieve. In the same vein, there are also more complex comic creations more akin to Marvel comic books or manga. 

However, you should know the type of comic that will best suit the kind of message you want to pass. If simpler drawings will help pass the message better, go for them. However, if you prefer more complex comics, you can easily use them, but keep in mind they require a higher budget, as experienced comic artists are in high demand. 

Using comic ideas to market a service has several advantages. As an advertising tool, its is an ideal way to reach an audience, increase brand recognition and boost conversion rates. 

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