Wednesday, October 06, 2021

'Herman Munster' - '5th Earl of Shroudshire'

Take a look at the 1:6 scale 'Herman Munster' maquette statue in the likeness of actor Fred Gwynne:

"...'Herman Munster', the 5th Earl of 'Shroudshire' was created in 1815 at the University of Heidelberg by 'Dr. Victor Frankenstein'. 

"Work on him along with his twin brother 'Charlie' was finally completed in 1850.

"Leaving Germany for Great Britain at a young age, Herman was adopted by the 'Munsters of Munster Hall', a noble family living in Shroudshire, England.

"When Herman traveled to 'Transylvania', a region in Romania, he met 'Lily Dracula'. 

"In 1865 Herman married Lily, and eventually the couple and 'Grandpa' (Lily's father) moved to America, where Herman joined the US Army, fighting in World War II as the original 'Creature Commando'.

Currently Herman excels at golfing...

...and donating his time to charitable sporting functions as a 'John Kerry' lookalike..

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