Tuesday, September 28, 2021

William Shatner's "TekWar"

William Shatner and his Shatner Universe will team with Pure Imagination Studios to develop and produce 'a mixed-reality, adult animated series' based on Shatner's science fiction property "TekWar",  that started as a bestselling futuristic detective novel, written by Ron Goulart, followed by live-action TV, a Bluewater and Marvel Comics title, a first-person shooter video game and a whole lot more:

" 2044, the world is consumed by 'Tek', an illegal, addictive, mind-altering digital drug in the form of a microchip, that creates a simulated reality, aka 'the matrix hyperspace'. 

"'Jake Cardigan' is a former police officer framed for dealing Tek  four years prior and sentenced to 15 years 'cryo-imprisonment'...

"...until released by 'Walt Bascom', the head of private investigation agency 'Cosmos', who has uncovered the framed charges and exonerates him. 

"In return Jake works for Bascom as a private detective in a series of Tek-related crimes, mostly in Greater Los Angeles, aka 'GLA'..."  

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