Sunday, September 12, 2021

Universal Monsters Now Heroes ?

Universal Pictures, home of the world's most 'famous monsters of filmland' has confirmed they will be rebooting their cast of evil characters into 'heroes', similar to how Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Terminator" went from a villain to a sympathetic character and Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” evolved from a cold-blooded assassin into a loveable assassin:

According to the studio in order to remain competitive with Marvel and DC’s rivaling franchises, Universal needs to pull its new 'Monsters Universe' out of the horror genre and into the adventure one.

"We have to mine our resources," said Universal. "We don't have any capes, but what we do have is an incredible legacy and history with the monster characters.

"We've tried over the years to make monster movies — unsuccessfully, actually. So, we took a good, hard look at it, and we settled upon an idea, which is to take it out of the horror genre and put it more in the action-adventure genre..."

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