Wednesday, September 01, 2021

"Carnival Row" - Cara Delevingne

Take a look at actress Cara Delevingne, star of the Prime Video 'steampunk' fantasy TV series "Carnival Row", posing for the latest issue of "Cosmopolitan" magazine, photographed by Dennis Leupold:

"...created by Travis Beacham and René Echevarria, 'Carnival Row' is set in the Victorian-era where 'faeri' refugees flee from a war in their homeland...

"...only to be treated with hatred and suspicion by the human population. 

"'Vignette Stonemoss' (Delevingne), is the faerie who was aiding refugees in escaping from 'Tirnanoc' until a shipwreck landed her on the shores of 'The Burgue'. 

"'Rycroft Philostrate' (Orlando Bloom), a former soldier in the Burguish army who met and fell in love with Vignette during the war is now a police inspector...
"...reuniting with his old flame in a city filled with rising political tensions..." .

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