Monday, July 05, 2021

"The United States of Captain America"

Marvel Comics "The United States of Captain America" Annual #2, available July 29, 2021, is written by Christopher Cantwell, Mohale Mashigo and illustrated by Dale Eaglesham, Natacha Bustos, with covers by Gerald Parel and Bustos:

"...'Steve Rogers' and 'Sam Wilson' are hot on the trail of the shield thief, but their adversary remains one step ahead, and he has friends in low places. 

'Some old enemies of 'Captain America' are behind this scheme, but can Sam and Steve figure out who these enemies are and what they want, in time to stop them? And just who is 'Nichelle Wright', the 'Captain America of Harrisburg'? And will her community stand up for her when the shield thief frames her for a crime?..." 

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