Friday, July 30, 2021

"The Crown" on Netflix

"The Crown" Season Five now filming in the UK, stars Imelda Staunton as 'Queen Elizabeth II', with new episodes covering the BBC's "Panorama" TV show interview with 'Princess Diana', streaming on Netflix in 2022:

Lesley Manville will play the Queen's younger sister 'Princess Margaret'.

Jonathan Pryce will portray 'Prince Philip' the 'Duke of Edinburgh'...

...Elizabeth Debicki as 'Princess Diana'...

 ...and Jonny Lee Miller as Brit Prime Minister 'John Major'.

In Season Four, directed by Stephen Daldry,  Emma Corrin played 'Lady Diana Spencer', Olivia Colman as 'Elizabeth' and Gillian Anderson as 'Margaret Thatcher'.

"Events depicted include the break-in at 'Buckingham Palace' and the 1989 supersonic flight on the 'Concorde'..."

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