Sunday, July 04, 2021

Marvel Hits The "Jackpot"

Development continues on Sony Pictures live-action feature adapting Marvel's female, crime-fighting superhero "Jackpot": 

"...'Sara Ehret', a pregnant scientist at 'Phelcorp', a subsidiary of 'Oscorp' works on gene therapy to cure 'Parkinson's disease when she is accidentally exposed to 'Lot 777'. The virus rewrote the 'DNA' in her cells leaving her in a coma for 4 months. Coming out of her coma Sara went on to have her child 'Madeline' with no complications, however when her family came under threat by falling debris she displayed superhuman strength to save them.

"'Jackpot' went on to train and become a government sanctioned 'Initiative' superhero for New York City.

"Though she became a hero for a while, Sara had no impulse to remain one. Instead she wanted to go back to her normal life and family. When another woman, 'Alana Jobson', recognized Sara and showed genuine enthusiasm, willing to pay for the use of Sara's Jackpot identity,Sara took the offer and gave up costumed crime fighting..."

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