Tuesday, June 08, 2021

"Tall Girl 2" - Sabrina Carpenter

Take a look at new images of pop singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter, aka 'Harper Kreyman' in the upcoming Netflix film "Tall Girl 2", posing for the latest issue of "Flaunt" magazine, photographed by Sam Dameshek: 

" 'Tall Girl', 'Jodi Kreyman' is 16 and has been tall for her age since she was three, which has made her insecure her whole life. 

"In contrast, Jodi's older sister 'Harper' (Carpenter) is of average height and a multiple beauty pageant winner. 

"Jodi asks Harper for help getting a boy to notice her. Harper and their mother help her with a complete makeover. 

"But Jodi falls for mean girl pranks, her father arranging for a 'tall people club' chapter meeting in their house at home and a whole lot more..." 

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