Tuesday, June 01, 2021

"Little Birds" on STARZ

 "Little Birds", the 6-episode Brit drama TV series inspired by Anaïs Nin's collection of erotic short stories, stars Juno Temple, airing June 6, 2021 on STARZ:

"...'Little Birds' weaves stories of love and desire together with personal drama and political intrigue, set against a uniquely distinctive backdrop of hedonism and conflict. 

"Tangier in 1955, at the famous ‘international zone’ outpost of colonial decadence, is a culture shock in more ways than one for troubled American debutante 'Lucy Savage' (Temple), who desires an unconventional life free from the societal cage she's been kept in.

"Along with Tangier itself, Lucy finds herself on the cusp of achieving a painful yet necessary independence..."

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