Sunday, May 23, 2021

"Zatanna" on HBO Max

Development continues on a live action take of DC Comics 'sorceress' "Zatanna", focusing on a female descendant of the ' Homo Magi' race, for streaming on HBO Max:

The character of 'Zatanna Zatara' was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson, debuting in "Hawkman" vol. 1 #4 (October-November 1964).

She is the daughter of magician 'Giovanni Zatara',  who appeared in (1939) 'Golden Age' comic books...

...and 'Sindella', a member of the mystical 'Homo Magi' race.

She is also a direct descendant of the alchemist 'Nicholas Flamel'...

...and the seer 'Nostradamus'.

Zatanna is a powerful sorceress whose abilities are genetic. As a tribute to her father...

...and as a focal point, she casts spells by speaking verbal commands backwards. 

On rare occasions, she has cast spells... writing them in her own blood.

In The CW TV series "Smallville" (2010), the character was played by Serinda Swan in the episodes "Icarus", "Warrior" and "Hex".

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