Sunday, April 04, 2021

"Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins"

Hasbro's upcoming live-action "G.I.Joe" spin-off feature "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins", directed by Robert Schwentke, starring Henry Golding, is currently in post-production, targeting an October 22, 2021 release:

'Snake Eyes', aka 'Commando' was originally part of Hasbro's 1982 G.I. Joe toyline...

...and portrayed by Ray Park in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (2009) and the sequel "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" (2013).

He is the team's original 'Commando', with his history, including real name, place of birth and service number remaining "CLASSIFIED". All that is known for certain is his rank/grade, originally 'US Army Sergeant/E-5', eventually reaching 'Sergeant First Class/E-7'. 

His primary military specialty is infantry, followed by hand-to-hand combat instructor. He has undergone drill sergeant training, and is a former 'US Army Special Forces' and 'Delta Force' operator.

He was trained at the 'MACV Recondo School' and served in 'LRRPs' in Southeast Asia with both 'Stalker' and 'Storm Shadow...

...leaving the service to study martial arts with Storm Shadow's 'Arashikage' ninja clan. 

Snake Eyes was living a life of seclusion in the 'High Sierras' with a pet wolf named 'Timber', when he was recruited for the 'G.I. Joe Team'. He is an expert in all 'NATO' and 'Warsaw Pact' small arms, and black belt in 12 different fighting systems. He is also skilled in the use of edged weapons, including Japanese sword and spike-knuckled trench knives. 

During one of his first missions for G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes' face was severely disfigured in a helicopter explosion. 

Since then, he has had extensive plastic surgery to repair the damage, but his vocal cords cannot be repaired. He usually wears a black bodysuit, along with a balaclava and visor to cover his face.

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