Thursday, April 08, 2021

Margot Robbie: "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

Actress Margot Robbie will team with producer Jerry Bruckheimer for a new 'female-led' version of Disney's "Pirates of the Carribean" movie franchise, reportedly inspired by the studio's theme park rides and true accounts of degenerate 18th century female pirates 'Anne Bonny' and 'Mary Read':

"...'Anne Bonny' was a 17th century Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of the most famous female pirates of all time.

"The little that is known of her life comes largely from the book 'A General History of the Pyrates'.

"She married in 1715 and moved to Nassau in the Bahamas, a 'sanctuary city' for killer pirates. It was there she began mingling with pirates in the taverns. She met 'John "Calico Jack" Rackham' and he became her lover. 

"She and Rackham escaped the island together, and she became a member of Rackham's crew. 

"She disguised herself as a man on the ship, and only Rackham and 'Mary Read'...

"...were aware she was a woman until it became clear she was pregnant.

"Rackham landed her at Cuba where she gave birth to a son. She then rejoined Rackham and continued the pirate life, having divorced her husband and married Rackham while at sea.

"Bonny, Rackham, and Read stole the ship 'William', then at anchor in Nassau harbor, and put out to sea, with Rackham and the two women recruiting a new crew of men and women. 

"Bonny took part in combat alongside the men, and she was named in a "Wanted Pirates" circular published in 'The Boston News'...

"Bonny was eventually captured alongside Rackham and Read October 1720 and imprisoned in Port Royal, Jamaica.

"Bonny and Read were sentenced to death, but their executions were stayed because both of them were pregnant. Read died of a fever in jail but Bonny's fate remains unknown..."

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