Monday, April 05, 2021

"Gutfeld!" Premiere on Fox News Channel

For TV viewers craving late night 'talk show' humor, Greg Gutfeld, the 'Libertarian' political commentator, best-selling author, comedian, producer and television host of "Red Eye", "The Greg Gutfeld Show" and co-host of "The Five" (2011-present), will premiere his new one-hour talk show "Gutfeld!", April 5, 2021, on the Fox News Channel, nightly at 11 PM : 

According to Gutfeld, the new show will have a studio audience and more experimentation, going beyond politics, featuring guests and panelists discussing the day's news.

" have five opportunities a week, 25 segments, to try something", said Gutfeld. "That's where you start chipping away at traditional conventional assumptions, traditional conventional talk shows.

"If someone says, 'Conservatives aren't funny', well, I don't think they know what a conservative is, or a libertarian is, because if you go back in history and look at some of the great comics, they would not pass muster as a liberal. The goalposts have been moved so that, to be a left-wing comedian is to not specifically be funny and also not to take any risks." 

As for 'cancel culture' and the 'fake news' media, "They made an industry out of division and anger," said Gutfeld. "If the media is a civic institution as they claim, shouldn't they behave like one? What if we didn't label half of America as racist rubes? What if we had pushed for more transparent elections? What if we took the concerns those suspicious of fraud seriously? 

"The 'polarization lie' is that we live in a polarized country, but in reality what happens is that there was only one pole for the longest time and now there are two. And the people that have been sitting on that one pole forever, this kind of liberal assumption that everybody agrees with us and we're the right, sophisticated elite people, now they've got to fight to defend their ideas..." 

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