Tuesday, March 02, 2021

"Secret Invasion" on Disney+

Marvel Studios is moving fast prepping the new 'political paranoia'  live action TV series "Secret Invasion", adapting the Marvel Comics title about a long-term infiltration by shape-shifting 'Skrull' aliens who replace people in the 'Marvel Universe':

"...The Invasion is here!! The 'Marvel Universe' is in shambles. The 'Skrull Empire' plan has birthed itself into perfection. 
"The shape-shifting alien race known as 'Skrulls' have been infiltrating the world's superhero teams and government agencies in an attempt to claim the planet. 

"Who's a Skrull? Who do you trust? The time to ponder is over. 

"Today, the Skrulls have taken actions that cannot be concealed. The 'Secret Invasion' isn't a secret any more..."

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