Friday, February 05, 2021

"Joe Bob Put a Spell on You" on Shudder

Movie showcase, "The Last Drive-In" delivers the series first 'Valentine's Day'-themed special, "Joe Bob Put a Spell on You", with a double feature of films to honor the occasion and host Joe Bob Briggs providing amusing commentary, February 12, 2021 on Shudder: 

"...'The Shudder Original' series 'The Last Drive-In' continues its tradition of twisting beloved holidays with its first-ever 'Valentine's Day' special, 'Joe Bob Put a Spell on You'. 

"We found a holiday we haven't ruined yet," said Briggs. "There's a remarkable amount of horror fare centered around the hearts-and-flowers season...There are dark aspects to Valentine's Day, and we found all of them!" 

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