Tuesday, February 02, 2021

"Buried By The Bernards" on Netflix

"Buried by the Bernards" is the new 'hilarious' reality show set in a Black-owned, family-operated funeral home in Memphis, "chronicling the day-to-day of the funeral home operations and the shenanigans of the family that operates it", streaming February 12, 2021 on Netflix:

" 2017, ''Ryan Bernard' opened the doors to 'R Bernard Funeral Services', offering complete, yet affordable funeral packages to help his community deal with exponentially high funeral costs. The family-owned and operated business provides their community top tier care, service and comfort with a side of laughter in the toughest of times. In this line of work, the Bernards can't neglect supporting each other and have their own special recipe for preserving their relationships - it's one part understanding, a pinch of sarcasm, and a heaping spoonful of blatant honesty..."

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