Monday, January 25, 2021

"Space Sweepers" on Netflix

Directed by Jo Sung-Hee, the live-action, South Korean science fiction feature "Space Sweepers", streams February 5, 2021 on Netflix:

"...the space crew of the 'Victory', living off salvaging space debris in the year 2092, include genius pilot 'Tae-ho' (Song Joong-Ki), ex-space pirate 'Captain Jang' (Kim Tae-Ri), engineer 'Tiger Park' (Jin Sun-Kyu), and reprogrammed military robot 'Bubs' (Yoo Hai-Jin). 

"Earth is nearly destroyed by pollution and a group of upper-class people build a new habitable world in outer space. Surpassing other space sweepers and successfully snatching a crashed space shuttle in the latest debris chase, the crew finds a 7-year-old girl inside who is later revealed to be a human-like robot wanted by 'Space Guards'.

"Seeing it as an opportunity to make more money, the crew demands a ransom in exchange for the girl..."

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