Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Netflix Sneak Peek 2021

Sneak Peek a flood of new Original Movies streaming on Netflix in 2021, ranging from superheroes and anime, to westerns, thrillers, rom-coms, action and comedy, "..with some of the world's biggest stars, directors and fresh faces": 

In 2021, there's a new movie every week on Netflix. Here's a Sneak Peek at 27 of them...

"Don't Look Up"

"The Harder They Fall"

"Thunder Force"


"Tick, Tick...Boom!"

"The Kissing Booth 3"

"To All The Boys: Always and Forever"

"The Woman in the Window"

"Escape From Spiderhead"

"Yes Day"

"Sweet Girl"

"Army of the Dead"

"Outside the Wire"

"Bad Trip,"



"The Last Mercenary"

"Monster, Moxie"

"The White Tiger"

"Double Dad"

"Back to the Outback"


"Red Notice"

"Night Teeth" 

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