Monday, January 25, 2021

Marvel's "Heroes Reborn"

Sneak Peek new footage supporting the latest Marvel Comics event "Heroes Reborn", available May 2021, reimagining the 'Marvel Universe' without the "Avengers", written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuiness: 

|...whatever happened to Earth's mightiest heroes? Welcome to a universe where the 'Avengers' never assembled, but Earth still has its protectors, including members of the 'Squadron Supreme'. 

"In this universe 'Tony Stark; never built the 'Iron Man' armor and 'Wakanda' is a myth. Without the Avengers to find him, 'Captain America' remains frozen in ice.

"'The Squadron Supreme of America' are Earth's protectors, battling villains including 'Dr. Juggernaut', 'Black Skull', 'Silver Witch and 'Thanos', with 'Blade' the only hero who remembers the world as it was..."

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