Sunday, January 10, 2021

"Bridgerton" on Netflix

"Bridgerton" is the period drama TV series, created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, based on Julia Quinn's best-selling novels, that follows the competitive world of 'Regency London' high society, now streaming on Netflix:

 "...'Bridgerton' is set in the lavish and competitive world of 'Regency London' high society. From the glittering ballrooms of 'Mayfair' to the aristocratic palaces of 'Park Lane' and beyond, the series unveils a seductive, sumptuous world replete with intricate rules and dramatic power struggles, where no one is truly ever on steady ground. 

"The powerful 'Bridgerton' family is comprised of eight close-knit siblings, who navigate the 'marriage mart' in search of romance, adventure and love..."

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