Monday, December 07, 2020

Kate Mara - Hot For "Teacher"

"A Teacher" is the new FX drama TV miniseries, created by Hannah Fidell, starring Kate Mara ("Fantastic Four") and Nick Robinson, now streaming on Hulu:

"...'A Teacher' explores the story behind the mugshot of a female high school teacher caught in an affair with her male student, revealing the complexities and consequences of these illegal relationships..."

Mara plays 'Claire', a popular young teacher at a suburban Texas high school, Nick Robinson is 'Eric', an 'all-American' senior, Ashley Zukerman is 'Matt', Claire's supportive and loving husband, Marielle Scott is Kathryn, a French teacher at 'Westerbrook' and Claire's newest friend, Shane Harper is 'Logan', Cody's younger brother and Adam David Thompson is 'Nate', an ex-military and current police officer who is Claire's older brother.

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