Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Jessica Chastain Gets "Bazaar"

Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain poses for the January 2021 issue of "Harper's Bazaar" (Spain) magazine, wearing Armani and Valentino, photographed by David Roemer:

"I have no issues with nudity," said Chastain, "especially in a lot of European cinema that I adore, but I find that in American cinema, the idea of nudity has always bothered me.

"When people are completely in control of their decisions, that is a really exciting thing. 

"I love the human form — male nudity, female nudity, I’m all about it. I had to get to that place where, for me, it was my decision.

"What is that power? What is that freedom? Even the idea of the 'Salem' witch trials, when you think of the young girls dancing naked. 

"What is so scary to society about that kind of female sexual freedom. I realized that there’s power in that to harness...
" learning all of that stuff actually made me feel it was important for the character that there was nudity..."

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