Saturday, December 05, 2020

2021 Movie Slate on HBO Max

Disgusted over recently released recordings from the group 'Project Veritas' revealing CNN is not exactly "the most trusted name in news", AT&T CEO John Stankey continues to try and protect his company's overall multi-billion dollar media investment, by putting the entire 2021 Warner Bros movie slate (17 films) on streaming service HBO Max, including "The Many Saints of Newark", "Dune", "Matrix 4" and a whole lot more:

"Hey, we have a bunch of movies that are ready to go, and they’ve been sitting on the shelf." said Stankey." When we think about the dynamic that’s happening with everybody who's making good theatrical content right now, it’s kind of creating this big bubble.

"...we just think this is appropriate for this moment in time and this circumstance and we’re lucky as a business to have invested in a streaming platform...

"Storytelling on scripted content is getting better and better and better. The experience of watching that content at home in comfortable surroundings, with large screens, and having the convenience of watching it when you want to watch it is getting better and better. So, there’s no question that we’re going to see consumer behavior shifts and those are going to sustain themselves..." 

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