Thursday, November 12, 2020

Best Canadian Gambling Movies

People around the world use different methods to make free time more entertaining. In Canada, winters are cold, and people do not have enough opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. However, even in the summer months, indoor activities have become a popular option due to the rapid development of online technology:

There are a couple of entertaining activities people commonly admire, with watching a movie on streaming platforms as a number one option, relaxing in your home, cooking up some popcorn and watching for hours.

Alternately some Canadians prefer activities with more adrenaline and passion. That is probably the reason why online gambling has become popular as well. Gambling from the comfort of your room and having fun is ideal for people who like to relax. 

Watching Canadian gambling movies can also be an excellent source of entertainment and a keen motivation to gamble.

The Canadian film industry has a long history of filmmaking. You can find movies that cover a wide range of topics. However, in this article, we will focus only on the best Canadian gambling movies. There are a couple of them that deserve your attention. Let's find them out together. 

The Last Casino 

The number of casinos you can find online is fascinating. That is the reason why they all strive to provide their customers with a comfortable gambling experience. They will offer a wide range of games that players with different requirements can enjoy. 

Have you ever watched the movie "21"? The film focuses on the 'MIT' card-counting team. The feature "The Last Casino" was also inspired by the same historical event. It follows a professor and a group of students that managed to earn $35,000 by counting cards at blackjack. However, the more fascinating thing is that they only invested $1000.

Blackjack is popular in all parts of the world. If this movie gets you excited about playing some Blackjack yourself, you can visit's Canada page, where you can choose from some of the best blackjack sites. 

Lucky Girl 

Becoming a professional player is a process that lasts. That is the reason why online gamblers should start from the very beginning. They need to get familiar with Canadian gambling laws. After that, they need to determine the game they would like to play, a casino that deserves their attention, etc. Finally, the task of every Canadian gambler is to find a way to resist his needs. That is the only way to stay out of trouble and enjoy the activity to the fullest. 

"Lucky Girl" was released in 2001. Don't be surprised if you also find a movie under the title "My Daughter's Secret Life". Both titles refer to the same movie where Elisha Cuthbert and Sherry Miller are the main characters. The director of the movie was John Fawcett. 

Kaitlyn (Elisha Cuthbert) is a young girl obsessed with gambling while in high school. After a couple of successes, she ends up with debts that cause additional problems in her life. It is a movie that can teach you some valuable lessons. Spending more than you can afford is not the point of gambling. You need to enjoy the games and take care of your needs. That is the only way to remain safe. We recommend you check the movie and watch every scene carefully. 

Cold Deck 

Have you ever seen the film "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor"? The same director, Zack Bernbaum, also worked on this Canadian gambling movie. The movie was released in 2015, but is still quite popular. 

The story covers the life of professional poker player 'Bobby'. After many games, he manages to hit rock bottom. Fortunately for him, he  he is not alone, with Paul Sorvino's character helping him out.

Owning Mahowny 

A movie that deserved to be on Roger Ebert's list of top ten movies in 2003 has to be on this list. The three main actors of the movie are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mini Driver, and John Hurt. Based on a true story, the film follows a bank clerk that took more than ten million dollars from the 'Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce'. The reason why he did that is simple. He was an addicted gambler that didn't know how to resist his needs. You should check out the message that the movie has for all gambling lovers. 

These four Canadian gambling movies are some of the best you can find online, sending a strong message to all gambling lovers in Canada: Resist your needs, make a plan, and enjoy your free time to the fullest..."

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