Friday, November 20, 2020

‘Swamp’ Slimes US Election Results ?

In a world where a 'swamp' endorsed news media, oozes out a false narrative about a presidential victory BEFORE final election tallies can be certified, US President Trump's legal team has filed lawsuits, backed by court evidence, alleging massive voter fraud across America, with US Attorney General William Barr authorizing federal prosecutors to pursue substantial allegations of voting irregularities:

“...according to reports, several battleground states saw suspicious late-hour gains for Biden that gave him a sudden majority over Trump, swinging the 'Electoral College' in his favor. Alleged widespread tampering with ballots, also enabled Biden to gain a last-minute lead in swing states Michigan and Wisconsin, plus pivotal gains in Georgia and Pennsylvania, just as polls were closing.

"The emergence of a late-hour surge for Biden is described in numerous ways, including manipulation of the 'Dominion Voting Machine Systems' that were used in 30 states, including all swing states, with evidence of both voting machines and ballot-counting equipment, hacked and compromised.

"Surveillance tools 'Hammer'  and 'Scorecard' were alleged to have been used to tamper with computers at the transfer point of election computer systems and outside third-party 'data vaults', penetrating ballot-counting software and flipping votes in whatever number and direction desired.

"Dead people also voted in massive numbers, with ballots blank except for a 'Biden mark'. At least 450,000 of these blank ballots in  key states, only had a mark for Biden and nothing else. 

"Dominion software tools were responsible for 'technical glitches' halting and delaying voter counts in several states, programmed to alter polling data. 

"So-called 'glitches' in Antrim, Michigan voting machines, somehow transferred 6,000 votes cast for Trump to Biden, triggering a manual recount..."

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