Saturday, October 31, 2020

RIP Sean Connery

Actor Sean Connery, the star of writer/director John Boorman's bizarre 1974 fantasy feature "Zardoz", depicting a post apocalyptic world where barbarians are granted an eternal life, has died in Barbados at the age of 90:

" 2293, the human population is divided into the immortal 'Eternals' and mortal 'Brutals." The Brutals live in a wasteland, growing food for the Eternals, who live apart in the 'Vortex', leading a luxurious but aimless existence on the grounds of a country estate. 

"The connection between the two groups is through 'Brutal Exterminators', who kill and terrorize other Brutals at the orders of a huge flying stone head called 'Zardoz', which supplies them with weapons in exchange for the food they collect. 

"'Zed' (Connery), a Brutal Exterminator, hides aboard Zardoz during one trip, temporarily killing its Eternal operator-creator 'Arthur Frayn' (Niall Buggy).

"Arriving in the Vortex, Zed meets two Eternals – 'Consuella' (Charlotte Rampling) and 'May' (Sara Kestelman).

"Overcoming Zed with psychic powers, they make him a prisoner and menial worker within their community. Consuella wants Zed destroyed immediately...

"...but May and a subversive Eternal named 'Friend' (John Alderton), insist on keeping him alive for further study..." 

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