Thursday, October 29, 2020

"Onyx Equinox" on Crunchyroll

"Crunchyroll", the distributor, publisher and licensing company focused on streaming 'anime', 'manga' and 'dorama' to over 70 million registered users worldwide, presents the 'Crunchyroll Original' action fantasy animated series "Onyx Equinox", created by Sofia Alexander, airing November 21, 2020 in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French and German: 

"...'Aztec' boy 'Izel' finds himself at the center of a war between gods. In order to save humankind, he must complete an impossible task — closing the five gates to the underworld. Izel reluctantly agrees, but only after learning his quest will also correct a terrible tragedy. 

"Joining him on his quest are 'Yaotl', the jaguar-like emissary of 'Tezcatlipoca', 'Zyanya', a warrior with a powerful ability seeking revenge on those who destroyed her city...

"...'Yun' and 'K’in', two twins with distinct approaches to problem-solving and 'Xanastaku', a priestess who's turned from darkness and hopes to redeem her past..."  

Cast includes Olivia Brown as 'Izel', Sofia Alexander as 'Nelli', K'i'k', 'Meque', Alejandro Vargas-Lugo as 'Yaotl', Carolina Ravassa as 'Zyanya'. Patrick Pedrazza as 'Yun Juan', Arturo Maldonado as 'K'in', Kimberly Woods as 'Xanastaku', Arin Hanson as 'Tezcatlipoca', Fayna Sanchez as 'The Healer', Zeus Mendoza as 'Quetzalcoatl' and Castulo Guerra as 'Mictlantecuhtli'.

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