Saturday, October 31, 2020

Marion Cottilard: "Chanel No. 5"

Take a look at actress Marion Cottilard ("The Dark Knight Rises"), the 'face' of French fragrance 'Chanel No. 5' , in new images, plus a short film by Johan Renck:

Traditionally, fragrances worn by women fell into two basic categories. 'Respectable women' favored the essence of a single garden flower...

...while sexually provocative perfumes heavy with animal musk or jasmine were associated with women of the 'demi-monde', prostitutes, or courtesans. 

'Chanel No. 5' was compounded by French-Russian chemist, perfumer Ernest Beaux, with the design of the bottle an important part of the product's allure for a new scent that would appeal to the liberated feminine spirit of the 1920's.

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